Xbox rolled out an update today, with their intent to focus on social gaming and streamlining.

The update adds some neat things, but removes the popular snap functionality.  I never snapped. Maybd on accident sometimes, but I never found a reason to do so. But, there’s quite a few,or hundreds of gamers who have already started voting to bring back Snap or some PIP. Xbox announced that they are not working on a replacement at this time, which means those that used it will need to choose games or TV.

The home UI has been updated.  And while spicing things up are nice, the home page is now pretty bland. Tiles are rearranged and the game title has grown. If you don’t have a custom background then you’ll see game art on homepage.

Beam has been implemented, for those that refuse to use Twitch. And it’s very accessible on the go.

The hone button now brings up a sidebar for quick access to games, pins, achievements and more.

Speaking of achievements, you can now track achievements and add an overlay on screen to watch progression.

.As of now the Xbox servers are experiencing problems, hopefully not due to update.  Will keep posted.