Activision recently announced that the next installment of their annual shooter will be set during WWII.

Two reasons.

The first being that Battlefield is finally becoming what everyone believed it would be, when DICE brought the series back with Battlefield 3; a COD killer. Sure it’s taken several years for it to reach its current popularity, but make no mistake that Activision has been scrambling to please investors.

It makes for an interesting story, as the most recent Battlefield release is set in WWI. It had everybody already wondering where DICE would go next (after Battlefront 2). Surely WWII would make the most sense.

Activision realized that and is trying to capitalize on getting the jump on EA/DICE.

They’re losing at their own game and are now struggling to remain a player in first person shooters.


There is a bleak outlook on it, solely based on their recent track record. Their last “good” game (in the spirit of the original Infinity Ward) was Modern Warfare 2. After that they’ve tried too hard to be like other games instead of sticking to what they’re good at. They attempted to be comparable to Titanfall. Now they’re struggling to be relevant to Battlefield, and survive in it’s shadow.

Obviously most people, including myself (believe it or not I don’t hate COD as much as this article makes it seem) are excited to see the story go back to it’s roots and discover what not only is in store for the return but also to relive the experience.

The question is how are they going to move forward from Infinite Warfare and pick up, and exceed expectations on this WWII release.

We shall all find out come E3 time.